The Shanty on 19th

The shanty has a long history in Allentown I can remember eating there when I was younger to say it has changed is an understatement.  But I think the change they did was great. I went for a Sunday brunch the menu selection was good. It wasn't very big but there was enough to choose from I had the Belgian waffle and here is my review.


 The atmosphere was very modern and rustic my service was good considering the waitress had all the tables. My waffle was prepared well and wasn't burned. the eggs and bacon were made to my liking.


The place was very cold I had to eat with my jacket on. This made my food lukewarm at best and also made it hard to melt the butter for my waffle. 

The shanty does seem to have a bigger lunch and dinner menu so I will go back and try that food lets hope it's a little warmer inside when I do.